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Claire gasped, sighing out a slow but faltering breath while I held mine, overwhelmed by the feeling of having every inch of my cock cradled and squeezed in her warmth. Claire started moving, rubbing her stomach against me. I was surprised at the strength of the sensations caused by her total acceptance of my erection. My sister was getting more active, moving her hands to my sides and pulling on me as I moved. She moaned, light and breathy, but audibly.

I looked down, again awed that this was Claire and not some other enthralling girl. I knew her so well but it was so strange. This was not the scowling, sarcastic sister I knew and was used to, but it was still clearly Claire. Her eyes were closed, mouth slightly open with the hint of a smile. Her body unlike I ever seen it, her breasts sliding up and down as she rocked. As I looked at her face contorted with passion, the full impact of the truth finally crystallized, I was fucking my little sister. That thought drove a spike of heat directly to my nuts and I damn near came again but paused to let the feeling recede.

She grabbed my waist with both hands, raised her knees to my side, then rolled her ass, urging me to start fucking her more. Trying to get better leverage, I lowered onto her, pressing my chest against her breasts then wrapped my arms around her back, pulling her closer while pounding her pussy with violent energy. The loud slapping of our groins broke my reverie and I reminded myself again that fucking Claire should be wrong. I looked at her profile, at my sister’s face that glowed prettily from the feeling of my erection in her, and the iniquity fled and I knew it would never return to haunt me.