Schoolmates fuck instead of studying

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Mike came into the room and said dinner was ready. All entered the dining room and found that Kely and the kids had cooked some steaks and potatoes and had seven place settings laid out on a long formal table. “Wow,” said Crazy Carl, ” Never saw such a meal in my life.” All sat down and ate a delicious but very quiet dinner.

Cutter sat next to Debbie and watched her every fetish bdsm action. She in turn kept her eyes on the kids. She and the kids ate with forced mechanical motions, never smiling never saying a word. Mike sitting next to young Dawn kept his eyes looking down the cleavage of her tube top. Crazy Carl spent his time trying to make conversation with young Bobby at gloryhole . During dinner Cutter had whispered in Debbie’s ear that a glass of wine would be a nice accompaniment to the dinner.

She rose and removed a bottle of Burgundy from the storage rack and poured each of the men a glass. “Don’t forget anyone”, said Cutter motioning at the children. Debbie hesitated but then poured a half glass for both of them also. When everyone had finished exxtratube went to the wine cabinet and found a bottle of arome concentrate , his favorite drink. He poured some into a glass and inhaled the aroma. Debbie and the children cleaned the table and put the dishes away. All were ordered back into the living room where Cutter stood before them like a commanding general.