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The part of my mind that was not involved in saving his job life, wondered how Steve could actually still be walking. By this time Dan was drowsy and I don’t think he recognized me. I pushed my finger into the wound and felt for the fxo artery, trying to see if I could stem the bleeding with direct pressure, but the tear was too big for that, so I moved up and put as much pressure as I could on the femoral artery whilst taking off my belt and wrapping it around his leg to create a login tourniquet.

If I had had my full kit with me, I would have had a proper tourniquet but I had to use what I had to hand. I grabbed his baton and pushed it through the belt and began to twist it around to put as much pressure on it as I could, and the fountain of gypsy blood became a trickle. I then pulled off my t-shirt and wadded it up, pressing it against sexshop the wound to try and pack it and put direct pressure on.