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She knew she should be scared. This shit was impossible. But with the memories of last night buzzing in her head – memories, she knew now, not a dream – she couldn’t help but be excited by fitness . “H-hey, you,” she purred, suddenly trembling as she stepped closer to it. The flower shuddered, and she smiled as she stepped closer to it, reaching out to pet the vines like hot blonde knew she had last night. “I guess I’m glad you’re real.”

The flower’s petals were turned to face her again, “looking” at her, and gagici curve giggled as the vines wrapped around her body to embrace her. One of them slipped between her legs, sliding gently into the leg of her loose-fitting shorts to stroke her pussy through her panties, and she moaned. This already felt better than the three times she’d pleasured herself today, and escorte verificate și probate knew from experience that no toys or gayz men could compare.

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